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About Brenna

My favorite moments to capture are ones that you are proud to display on the wall in your home; that you can look at on your phone after the kids are asleep to remind you how much you love them despite that train wreck of a bedtime; that you can post to social media to show people that you clean up nice and also LOOK HOW CUTE YOUR FAMILY IS; that get mom and dad in front of the camera and in the picture with their children; that make you somehow feel nostalgic for a time when you were more sleep-deprived than you thought humanly possible; and that help you remember those chubby little hands and the toothless smiles that light up your world. 

What moments do you want to capture?

I live in northern Utah with my husband and four children. I enjoy spending time together (and apart) with my family and I am happiest when I'm traveling, spending time in nature and watching my kids do whatever it is they're passionate about. I also enjoy taking pictures, so contact me and let's talk about how I can take yours!



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